October 6, 2020

troy-bilt tb220 Electric Lawn Mower review

The Troy-Bilt TB 220 is a self-propelled lawn mower that’s purpose-built for small to medium sized properties. It’s purely a residential mower (If you’re looking for a commercial land mower, feel free to check out our review of the Honda HRX217K5VKA).

The TB200 is powered by a 159 cc, front wheel drive OHV engine that generates ample power to enable it to tackle almost everything that a standard residential yard can throw at it.

If you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive, no-nonsense residential lawn mower, then you should definitely consider the Troy-Bilt TB220. It’s a good mid-range performer that ticks almost all the boxes for homeowners. It gives the driver the ability to bag, mulch or side-discharge. The height can be quickly adjusted from 1.25 to 3.75 inches. Headquartered in Ohio, Troy-Bilt has been active in the farming and landscaping sphere since 1937. It’s safe to say that they know a thing or two about lawn mowers. Their no-nonsense philosophy is well reflected in their products. The TB220 is a simple yet very efficient and hassle-free machine that just does the job without making a fuss!

Let’s check out this lawn mower in a bit more detail:

​Troy-Bilt TB220 Features:

Now this engine is perfectly adequate for small to medium sized plots of land.

Heavy duty lawn mowers intended for commercial use have engines with a capacity of 180 to 200 cc.

In comparison, 159 cc is plenty for most home owners. The front wheel drive enables the machine to scramble up inclines without any issues.

After all, not all plots are flat. Mind you, this mower is not built for uneven terrain of any kind but it’s good to know that it will not go belly up at the sight a sloped plot.

Powerful 159cc OHV Engine:

Even for small to medium plots, we recommend self propelled mowers like this one. Not only does it get the job done much faster. It prevents fatigue and is suitable for older people as well.

Even if you’re an active person, surely you are not looking to spend all your energy on mowing the yard on a bright, sunny Sunday morning. You’d rather save yourself some time and spend it with your loved ones, right?

21 Inch Steel Deck:

The deck provides 21 inches of coverage, which is pretty standard stuff. A steel deck is robust enough for residential plots. Troy-Bilt has managed to keep the mower reasonably well-balanced and this makes it fairly easy to maneuver.

Heavy models are quite cumbersome around corners and around obstacles. This creates a shabby look at some places and takes away from the beauty of the lawn. No such problems with this model though.

It’s a gas mower – it’s not going to be feather-light but it’s evenly weighted easy to steer. The handle can be folded and hence, the unit takes up lesser storage room. Space is always at a premium for urban folks.

Some commercial Honda models have a Nexite composite deck. This is stronger than steel and has a lifetime warranty. However, we feel that a Nexite deck is not really needed for most yards. A steel deck is more affordable without compromising a great deal on durability. The 2 year limited warranty on the Troy-Bilt TB220 should put any doubts at ease.

3-in-1 Ability:

The mower gives the driver three options – to bag all the clippings, to mulch and also side discharge.

Bagging provides a clean, sharp look but sometimes it’s good to mulch as it prevents the ground from drying up too much.

We have noticed that the side discharge option is missing on many top selling models, it’s quite a handy alternative at times. The 1.9 bushel bag is plenty for small to medium plots. This means that you have to empty it less often and can keep mowing for longer.

Dual Lever Height Adjustment:

The height can be adjusted without a fuss by tweaking a couple of levers. We like the simplicity and the convenience.

High Traction Wheels:

The Wheels provide ample traction even on wet and slippery surfaces. Now, we don’t recommend using this mower after a bout of torrential rain.

However, dew is not something that should deter your plans of mowing. The front wheels have a diameter of 7 inches, while the rear ones, 11 inches.


  • Self propelled
  • 21 inch steel deck
  • Adjusts to 6 heights. Quick Dual lever adjustment.
  • The engine has a decent amount of torque on offer
  • A simple gas mower. No frills or unpleasant surprises.


  • Now we think that the Troy-Bilt TB220 is an honest effort but there are a couple of things that you should know and consider. This is a gas powered model. Electric mowers used to be considered inferior to gas mowers.
  • However, they have caught on and in our opinion, are quite a practical choice for small to medium plots. They do not require you to make trips to the gas station. They have fewer moving parts and hence they undergo less wear and tear. This means that they require less maintenance and can last for a longer time.
  • Even though the TB220 is not especially noisy, it certainly is not as quiet as an electric model.
  • We feel that an electric start button should have been included. The mower starts via a pull of a cord. Now this is fun for the first few times and the TB220 started in one pull when we used it. However, over time, the cord mechanism can get a bit rusty and unreliable. Users then have to yank on it several times before the mower comes to life. We really wish that Troy-Bilt includes an electric start on the next model as otherwise, this mower has no major flaws.
  • Some states in the US are considering restrictions on the use of gas powered lawn mowers in urban areas. Please go through the rules pertaining to your place of residence. We suggest opting for an electric mower just to be on the safe side.

​Troy-Bilt TB220 Review & Final Verdict:

The Troy-Bilt TB220 is a simple machine that does a great job. However, we feel that it​ could be better.

Even though it’s priced well, there are other alternatives in the market that offer more frills and convenience.

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