February 20, 2021

Electric lawnmowers began to hit the market around the turn of the century. Initially, there was quite a bit of skepticism regarding their battery life, running time, power, all-terrain ability, and whether or not they would be any good for cutting long and thick grass, especially in unwelcoming conditions.

However, as we are all witnessing, there have been massive advances in the quality of batteries and therefore, cordless electric lawn mowers have become quite popular and dare-we-say, even practical!

Snapper XD 82V

The Snapper XD 82 V is a self-propelled electric lawn mower – it’s appreciated by customers as it’s a hassle-free and sensible machine. It showed up on our radar and we had to review it!

The Snapper XD 82 V is powered by a Briggs and Stratton. It features 2 2AH batteries that offer a runtime of up to 45 minutes and can be charged fully in just 1 hour!

While those numbers cannot match the performance of a gas-powered lawnmower, we have to concede that they’re very impressive nonetheless.

Especially, if you consider the fact that this is a residential lawn mower and will be used on medium-sized plots at best. Some areas in the US are considering restrictions on the use of gas-powered lawnmowers and hence, an electric model makes a safe bet! *Source

Even though the Snapper XD 82 V is electric, it’s cordless! So it does not need to be connected to a power source all the time. You can use it to mow the far end of the lawn without bothering with connecting extension cords and such! Let’s check out this lawnmower a bit more closely…

Snapper XD 82V Features:

Let’s get started!

Brushless Motor:

Let me explain the benefits of such type of motors without getting too much into the technicalities. Basically, in an electric motor, the power is generated by a magnetic field while in conventional gas motors, there’s a contact point known as the brush. This makes a traditional motor more prone to wear and tear.

Now electric motors not perfect either. Yes, they are more eco-friendly and produce less toxic emissions compared to a gas-powered engine. But the circuit board is prone to malfunctioning. In either case, the board usually lasts longer than the brush in conventional engines. Hence, the electric motor typically lasts longer and amounts to lower maintenance costs.

Single Lever Height Adjustment:

The height can be adjusted via a simple lever to your desired level. This helps to achieve the perfect trim, each and every time.


A lawnmower that’s not self-propelled can be tiring to work with. Especially, if your plot is not exactly level and has some inclines and obstacles. The Snapper XD 82 is almost effortless to operate. This means that it can be used for the full quota of 45 minutes without the driver having to sweat it out too much. Even people who are older or petite have no problem operating the lawnmower with the utmost ease.

Snapper calls its technology ‘Step Sense’. In essence, the machine keeps up with your mowing speed. If you’ve got a truckload of tasks to complete or whether you want to take a leisurely stroll on a nice sunny morning, the XD 82 always has your back.

The self-propelling mechanism is not as intuitive as the one on Honda’s gas-powered lawnmowers (SelectDrive), such as the Honda HRX217K5VKA. However, it’s more than sufficient for residential use and most people will not be complaining about it.

Load Sensing Technology:

The blade on the Snapper XD 82 has a speed of 2800 rpm. The load sensing technology draws only as much power from the batteries as required. For example: If you’re cutting through tall and thick grass, only then will it use the peak power. On the other hand, if the grass is short and thin, it uses less power. This helps to maximize the battery power and you need to charge it less often. Not only is this feature convenient, but it can also help to save money in the long term. While the savings may seem insignificant at first, they do add up as a person typically uses a lawnmower for several years. This Snapper XD 82 comes with a 5-year warranty, so if used with care, it has the potential to last for a really long time.

21 Inch Steel Deck:

The steel deck is incredibly hard-wearing. Now, it’s not as sturdy as the Nexite decks on commercial grade Honda lawn mowers that come with a lifetime warranty. Still, unless, you’re looking to mow down a hill or a mountain, steel should do the job just fine!

Bag, Mulch, Side-Discharge: Not all users want a clean look, all the time. Some are more concerned about the quality of the soil. Mulching helps to nourish the soil and protects against drought. Side-discharge is a convenient option that’s unavailable even on some very popular and high-end models. We like the versatility that the Snapper XD 82 offers.

Push Button Start:

Some mowers have a cord that you need to yank on to get them started. This is fun once in a while but gets tiring after the novelty wears off. A push-button start is super convenient and hassle-free. It gets the lawnmower started in a couple of seconds and it reaches full power in just 3 seconds.

Pros & Cons


  • No trips to the gas station. In some urban areas, there may be restrictions on the use of gas-powered lawnmowers.
  • Quieter than gas-powered models
  • Very easy to start and operate.
  • 45 minutes runtime is not bad. Charges fully in just 2 hours.
  • Perfect for plots that are less than or up to 1 acre
  • 21-inch deck, versatile
  • Load sensing technology saves power
  • Very competitively priced
  • Step-sense matches your mowing speed
  • Vertical storage option – requires 70% less storage space.


  • Even though it’s quieter than a gas-powered mower, it’s a little loud for an electric model. It’s not a deal-breaker by any stretch of the imagination, but just something that you might want to consider.

Snapper XD 82V Review & Final Verdict:


Feel free to watch the video review above if you want to see it in action, but if not – we got you covered here!

Overall, this is a solid, sensible, mid-range lawnmower. It’s cordless so there are virtually no limitations regarding where it can be used.

We recommend it, but If you want a bit better battery life, you can also take a look at the Greenworks 80V mower.

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