February 12, 2021
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Husqvarna L221A, 21 in. 160cc Honda Walk Behind Self-Propelled Mower

The Husqvarna L221A is an all wheel drive, self-propelled land mower powered by a 160 cc Honda engine.

That sentence alone inspires so much confidence and speaks volumes about the mowers capability and reliability.

The fact that it is all-wheel drive model means that it can handle any terrain. Sure, it will not mow down a mountain but it can definitely take on challenging surfaces. So if you have a countryside home or something of that sort, then is the one to go for. This mower is suitable for small & medium sized lots.

Self-propulsion is an absolute boon, especially in a mower that’s suitable for heavy duty (uneven surfaces). It takes all the hard work out of mowing. The driver just guides it effortlessly and gets the job done within no time.

From the beginning, we had a very good feeling about the Husqvarna L221A and we’re pleased to report that it delivered on all counts.

So if you’re looking for a solid, sensible, gas powered mower with go-anywhere ability, save yourself the time and just go for it!

The wheels of this land mower have been specially designed to maximize traction. They work extremely well even if the soil is loose, or if the conditions are wet. Some mowers begin to function below optimum even if there’s dew on the grass.

The slippery ground makes it difficult for the mower to move forward. Also, the grass ‘slips’ easily on account of being wet and this results in a less than ideal trim. The driver has to really be patient and even toil a little bit to get the desired look for their lawn.

However with the Husqvarna, things are a lot more easier and efficient. A little bit of dew certainly cannot dampen this machine’s spirits. Let’s find out what makes this mower so fabulous…

Husqvarna L221A Mower Features:

This is a real gem of an engine. It produces more than sufficient torque to do justice to the high-traction wheels and the all wheel drive system. Being a Honda, the engine is undoubtedly reliable and smooth.

Honda GCV160 Engine:

Even though this is a gas powered mower, it is not especially noisy. The fewer vibrations and noise makes using the mower a satisfying experience. Your shoulders and hands will not shake like crazy while mowing.

The Husqvarna L221A is backed by a 3 year bumper to bumper warranty. This makes it a superb buy!

All mowers have a warranty but the terms and conditions will make your head spin. A bumper to bumper warranty is rare and offers complete peace of mind.


The mower has a cutting path of 21 inches. It’s endowed with 3-in-1 capabilities; be it extra fine mulching, bagging or rear side discharge.

So whether you want a clean cut or want to mulch to ensure that the soil gets enough nourishment, the Husqvarna has every trick up its sleeve.

What we really liked though, is the fact that the mower can cut cleanly close to fences and other borders. Usually even good quality mowers struggle around fences and obstacles.

This accounts for a patchy look. However, Husqvarna prides itself upon maneuverability and all-terrain ability.

All-Wheel Drive:

This is the part that’s really impressive about this mower. Now, most other models in this category (same engine size) have either front or rear wheel drive.

This is fine for plots that are absolutely flat. However, if there is even a slight incline, you’ll notice that these self-propelled mowers suddenly turn into push mowers. 2 wheel drive mowers struggle a LOT while going up slopes.

Add to that conditions such as rain, dew etc and your mowing adventure is bound to turn into an absolute nightmare. Imagine pushing an unyielding 70-80 pound machine up an incline. Surely, nobody’s looking forward to that, especially after shelling out a fat chunk of money for the thing!

The Husqvarna L221A has many all wheel drive technology patents – it’s a unique breed indeed and you have to use it in the real world to experience the pure joy and wonder of all wheel drive.

Have you ever driven in the countryside or in snow in a normal front wheel drive car? It’s not a particularly splendid experience, is it?

You feel totally out of control and a bit powerless. But try doing the same stretch in a Range Rover – it’s almost like magic. The same holds true for this lawn mower.

Adjustable Handle:

The handle is adjustable and folds conveniently so that the mower occupies a lesser amount of space.

Little things like this add to the overall user experience. We find electric mowers to be more conscious of such details.

Many of them store vertically and occupy up to 70% less space. Gas mowers are more conventional and have certain limitations. However, the adjustable handle is still a nice touch. Definitely frees up a couple of feet of space in your shed.

4 Position Handle Height:

The handle adjusts to 4 heights. So whether you’re closer to Kevin Hart or Michael Jordan, you can use the mower without having to bend over forward awkwardly.

This doesn’t seem like much but once you have been mowing for a few minutes, bad ergonomics cause stress and aches. The problem is even more aggravated if the user is a senior citizen.

8 Inch Wheels:

The high traction ball bearing wheels do a fantastic of providing ample grip in all types of conditions.

Water Hose Connection Point:

This makes it easy to clean the mower from the underside.

15 Gauge Deck:

The Steel deck is highly durable and can withstand years of heavy usage.

9 Position Cut:

The cut height can be quickly adjusted to not 4 or 5 but a whopping 9 positions. Precision blades make light work of even tall and thick grass.

Pros & Cons


  • Great Honda engine (160cc)
  • All wheel drive – works in all types of terrain under almost any condition
  • Self propelled
  • PremierCut
  • Phenomenal wheels
  • 3 Year bumper to bumper warranty


  • There’s nothing ‘wrong’ with this mower per say, however we feel that the price is a little on the high side.
  • It should have come with with electric start, especially considering the price. Pull start is fine and we do not reckon that it’s going to be a problem since this is a Honda engine. Still, electric start would have made the price tag more justifiable.
  • The propulsion system is not adjustable but you get used to it after a few minutes. Some people find the controls to be fiddly so this is kind of nice depending upon what your preferences are.

Review & Final Verdict:

Notwithstanding a couple of minor criticisms for improvement, we really like the Husqvarna L221A for its all-wheel driveability and solid engine.

Daniel Simmons

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