February 21, 2021

Honda has made quite a name for itself when it comes to lawnmowers (cars as well, we know…just by looking at the number of Civics on the roads). Some of the most popular and top-rated lawn mowers in the country are manufactured by Honda.

The reliability of Japanese engines is unquestionable – add to that the reasonable cost of ownership, low maintenance, and hassle-free operation, and you get a lawnmower that lets you mow smarter instead of harder!

Honda HRX217VLA Review

The Honda hrx217vla is a self-propelled, high-end mower that comes loaded with a multitude of features such as Select Drive, 4 in 1 Versamow System, and Clip Director. It works beautifully for mowing in almost all conditions and also for mulching. This lawnmower ships with all required accessories already in the box. There’s no need to buy anything separately.

Honda Hrx217vla Features:

Let’s learn more about this awesome device:

Powerful GCV200 Honda Motor:

gcv200 honda motor

The engine is the real star of the show. It packs more than enough grunt to tackle inclines with ease. There’s no shortage of torque or power at any point during the mowing process.

Even if the grass is not exactly short and tender, the mower can tackle it with ease, even if it’s wet and slippery. It can take on long, thick grass without any significant change in speed. Moreover, this newer engine is extremely dependable and is 10% more powerful than the older one that it replaces.

Check out this video to see this bad boy in action tearing through some pretty tall grass!

Electric Start:

Honda HRX217VLA Electric Star

Many movers have a cord that you need to pull on to start the engine. Personally, we are purists and so we like to sometimes start our machines the ‘old’ way. It’s a bit like kicking a motorcycle into life. However, we understand that many people cannot be bothered to yank on a plebian cord to get their lawnmower started. We appreciate the convenience of a self-charging electric start system, especially since as some engines age, you have to pull the cable a dozen times to get them to splutter!

Select Drive:

Select Drive

This gives you more control and makes the experience comfortable and convenient. Basically, the user can choose the desired speed range by adjusting the speed dial. Then, the Select Drive System can be deployed to match the mowing stride of the driver. All controls can be comfortably engaged from the handlebar. The speed can be adjusted on the go, this makes everything super convenient. The dials and controls are very user friendly and intuitive.

4 in 1 Versamow System:

Honda 4 in 1 Versamow System

This enables the mower to mulch, bag, discharge, and shred leaves. In fact, the user can also opt for a combination of mulching and bagging. They can choose how much is mulched and how much is bagged just by sliding a knob.

There’s no need for any complicated adjustments or any additional tools and accessories. It is features like this that put the Honda Hrx217vla in a whole different league altogether.

There’s just so much versatility on offer. You see, not all people want to just mow the yard and bag and dispose of all of the grass. Some people like to mulch as it fertilizes the soil and prevents it from drying out too much.

Some people like to bag a little and mulch a part of the clippings – this mower makes everything so easy! Just imagine if it did not have the part mulching, part bagging option. Then the user would have had to mulch manually, which is quite labor-intensive for even a medium-sized yard.

It sort of defeats the purpose of a mower!

MicroCut Twin Blades:

Sure, a great engine is important but a mower can only be as good as its blades. Honda claims to be the only manufacturer to offer not just one but two blades in their mowers (select models). How are two blades better than one?

Well, the blades of grass are ‘lifted’ and this produces a more even and cleaner look! The blades also undergo lesser wear and tear. This means that they last for a long, long time and return a better return on the initial investment.

Two blades account for a smaller clipping size. This means that the bag can hold more and needs to be emptied less often. Also, smaller clippings decompose faster and nourish the soil, providing it with valuable nutrients. This is great for those who have a preference for mulching.

NeXite Deck:

Honda NeXite Deck

The deck is made up of Nexite. It does not rust or corrode. Honda also claims that it does NOT dent. They’re so confident in their composite that it comes with an incredible lifetime warranty! Isn’t that absolutely amazing? You can find some videos wherein the engineers at Honda demonstrate the durability of their composite by driving a full-sized SUV over it.

Apart from the durability, the design of the deck is also important. Honda has aimed for precision clearance to enhance circulation. The shape actually pushes clippings back towards to blades – this gives a cleaner cut and reduces the size of the clippings even further!

9 Inch Ball Bearing Wheels:

Durable wheels make the mower easy to maneuver on various surfaces.

The Pros & Cons


  • 5-year residential warranty. This means that as long as you intend to use the mower for personal use, it comes with a 5-year warranty. If you’re looking for a mower that’s more suitable for commercial properties, check out this one: honda hrx217k5vka.
  • Convenient rear bagging.
  • Cutting height can be adjusted to 7 positions: from 0.75 to 4 inches
  • Large size duffel bag – no need to empty often
  • Flywheel brake system for enhanced safety. The engine stops when you take your hand off the brake lever
  • The fuel can be shut off manually using a valve. This is useful for storage and also if the mower needs to be transported
  • The handlebar can be adjusted to three heights and also falls flat for easier and compact storage.


Honestly, This is a solid product without any major flaws. However, it’s not what you’d exactly classify as affordable.

(Check the current price on Amazon)

Honda Hrx217vla Review & Final Verdict:

With Best in class features, dual blades, and a wonderful and reliable engine, the Honda hrx217vla makes a lot of sense for residential users. The 5-year warranty is the cherry on the cake!

We highly recommend this mower, and think you will too!






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