February 20, 2021

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Honda HRN216VKA Self-Propelled Mower





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The Pros

  • It Functions without the need for a power supply cord. This really gives it go-anywhere ability. You don’t have to rely on the availability of a power source to make it work.
  • Twin blades with micro cut capability
  • All-terrain ability. Works like a charm even in a wet and slippery environment. Rear-wheel drive is secure and there’s always more than enough power on tap.
  • A real cracker of an engine. Starts easily and is ultra-dependable.
  • Select Drive
  • The product quality is second to none. It’s one of the most popular high-end lawn movers in the USA for a reason
  • The 5-year warranty makes the price tag look really reasonable, mouthwatering, in fact!
  • Removable Bag - Some people like the grass clippings to stay on the ground (mulching) and this helps to fertilize the soil and protects against drought. It's great for mulching too!
  • Height adjustable handlebar makes the Honda it usable by people of almost any height

The Cons

  • A little pricey. Well, the performance surely justifies the price but this is not an entry-level model as such.
  • The wheels need to be adjusted individually. Not a deal-breaker by any chance but just to let you know what to expect.
  • Some people like the grass-catching bag to be on the side. That’s not the case with this model.
  • It’s not small – it’s size can be compared to a full-size toddler stroller. You will need some sort of a shed or a yard to keep it away from the elements.

The Details

Honda Hrx217k5vka In Yard

Even if you’re not much of a car person, you probably know that the brand name ‘Honda’ invokes tremendous respect in automobile circles throughout the world. Through the years, it has become synonymous with quality and reliability. The same holds true for Honda lawn mowers as well.

The Honda Hrx217k5vka is one of the most trusted and dependable lawn mowers in the country. This self-propelled machine comes loaded to the brim with features such as a ‘select drive’, 4 in 1 clip director start button, and so on. We will discuss these features in further detail.

If you have just a small patch of grass, then this model might be a little over the top.

It is designed for commercial establishments and large residential properties. If you own a country estate, a hotel with a lawn, a yoga retreat, a farmhouse, a large mansion, or something along those lines (a medium to a large yard, that is), then this lawn mover is a near-perfect choice.

As mentioned above, it is self-propelled, which means that it can cover large stretches of land with absolute ease.

Imagine mowing an acre of grass with a mover that’s NOT self-propelled – the person in charge would be huffing and puffing. The carry bag would get incredibly heavy and some slopes would be nearly impossible to cover.

However, the Honda is more than adequately equipped to take on almost any kind of slope and terrain. It remains unfazed in virtually all conditions, all thanks to its 187 cc, 21-inch motor.

No wonder this Honda is prized by almost everyone who owns it. It gets lauded with phrases like ‘best mover I’ve ever owned’, ‘great mover’, ‘best mover’, and so on. Let’s learn what makes this mower so incredible.


Even though the Honda is at its best on flat and medium-sized surfaces, it performs remarkably well on any terrain. So whether you live in Seattle or Texas, this model will do the job for you without complaining.

The motor provides ample power and propels the mower forward even if the ground is not exactly hospitable.

Outstanding Performance on types of Terrain:

For most mowers, the quality of cutting usually goes down in anything other than ideal conditions. However,  in the real world, conditions are rarely ideal – it’s not always sunny and the land is often uneven and the grass has probably gotten a bit too long. All this is fine for the Honda . It is an unfailing workhorse that goes about its job with steady determination and concentration.

This mower works great in Wet Conditions

This Honda is great in Wet Conditions

It is very common to see even decent lawn movers struggling in wet conditions. You see, wet grass is slippery and hard to cut. Hence, the quality of pruning becomes mediocre. We all know that unevenly cut grass has negative aesthetic appeal. Also, it’s incredibly time-consuming and frustrating to go over the same bits more than one time, especially if it’s wet and muddy.

But thanks to the Honda Hrx217k5vka’s capable motor, there’s always enough horsepower to take care of the grass – even if the land is not exactly flat and dry. We would like to emphasize that this feature indeed puts this lawn mover in a very elite league. As you know, wet grass weighs significantly more and the bag gets heavy quickly; but it’s never too much to handle for this Honda!

7 Different Levels of Grass Cutting:

Honda HRX217K5VKA Cutting Settings

Grass is not made equal. Sometimes and in some places, it is thin, short and easy to cut. However, it can also be long and thick. The Honda is equipped with 7 levels of cutting that enable it to tackle grass of almost any length and thickness.

Make no mistake, this is not exactly what you’d call a budget or an affordable lawn mover.

It’s not crazy expensive, but the price tag is not trivial either. Still, if you’re shelling out a formidable sum of money for a device, it’s good to know that it works on all types of terrain, in wet conditions, and cuts all types of grass.

A premium lawn mover that goes belly up at the sight of tall grass and a steep incline is not what most commercial property owners are looking for. They want a heavy-duty machine that offers peace of mind and performs as expected, without any mishaps and ‘adventures’ of any kind.

Imagine that a hotel has to throw a reception and the lawn mover begins to spit and splutter! It’d be nothing short of a nightmare for the manager. If you want to AVOID such incidences, we think that you should opt for the Hrx217k5vka. You know that you’re safe with this model.

It has your back, at all times! It’s like a trusted friend. You know you can count on it. Loads of people who own it feel the same way about it. It’s nearly impossible to go wrong with this one. Unpredictability is good in thriller films and George RR Martin novels, not in real life.

Rear Wheel Drive:

Honda Hrx217k5vka Rear Wheel Drive

The rear-wheel-drive system ensures sufficient grip over all areas, even if the surface is slippery. Many lawn movers become unwieldy and cumbersome to operate, especially when the clipping bag becomes full and heavy.

Straight-line steering is alright but cornering ability goes down several notches.

It remains surprisingly easy to steer and push into corners even when the bag is full. We really like the effortless operation. A self-propelled mover should not make the person sweat it too much – this one does all the hard work for you while you enjoy the smooth and seamless experience with a wide grin on your face.

The Lawnmower Operates Without a Cord (Electric Start!)

Honda Hrx217k5vka Engine

The mower is gas-powered. This is great as it means that it operates without a cord. Now, if the yard is big, it’s not always possible to have a power source around. Also, there may be other obstacles such as a swimming pool, bushes, benches, swings gazebos and dealing with a cord can get a bit tedious. So yes, not having a cord is quite convenient in this case. Basically, there’s no limit to where you can mow.

The Mower has Select drive:

The Honda Features an electric start

This really gives you control of the pace (speed) of cutting and also the amount of propulsion.

The controls are located on the handlebar itself and can be tweaked on the go with a flick of your thumb for maximum efficiency. This feature enables an even pruning of the grass – you can vary the intensity if the grass is taller and thicker in some areas.

This saves you the trouble of doing a certain bit over and over again. In a way, the select drive is like terrain control that you find in advanced off-roading vehicles. The entire power delivery set-up changes to best match the surroundings and the requirements of the driver.

Super Easy To Set-up & Use: In-spite of being a premium model, it’s actually very easy to set-up and use. In the box, there’s the mower, oil, grass-catching bag, and the user manual. Most of it is pre-assembled: just adjust the handlebar to your height preference, top it up with oil, add gas and you are ready to get moving!

The engine is a real delight and the device has a really convenient electric start button. It’s a Honda, after all! (No more having to pull the cord half a dozen times)

Nexite Composite: Manufactured using Nexite Composite, this lawnmower is highly durable and reliable.

It comes with a 5-year warranty. It’s rustproof and not that it matters, but it actually looks quite stylish too. In our opinion, it’s like a mini go-cart. Instead of being dull and uninteresting, the design is exciting and exuberant!

My Review & Final Verdict:

Honda Hrx217k5vka Final Verdict

Be it performance, ease of use, reliability, versatility, all-terrain ability, the https://amzn.to/2zDOjdN ticks all the boxes.

We definitely recommend it but only for yards that are at least medium-sized.

Feel free to check it out at Amazon.com, and if you have any questions drop me a line below and ask!


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