February 16, 2021
Greenworks G-Max 24252 40v Electric Lawn Mower
  • 60 minutes of mowing time.
  • Cordless operation.
  • Single lever height adjustment to 5 positions
  • Foldable handle saves space
  • Reliable, top-selling electric mower
  • Perfect for yards and lawns up to 1/2 acre in size
  • Electric start
  • Bag or mulch
  • Affordable


  • Not a brushless electric mower. Brushless models are preferred as there’s less wear and tear but in our opinion, this is not such a big deal.
  • Side discharge option is missing

Greenworks G-max 24252 Basic Info

Even though we think that commercial properties should for gas powered mowers as they are better equipped to tackle the excessive workload, we feel that electric mowers are simply perfect for residential properties with small to medium plot sizes.

The Greenworks G-max 24252 40v electric lawn mower has everything that’s desirable in a no-nonsense residential lawn mower.

It offers up to 60 minutes of working time and is designed for yards up to half an acre in size. Moreover, it’s a top selling model, which is a good indicator of a product’s reliability and capability.

We had a good feeling when we started reviewing the Greenworks G-max 24252 and it delivered on all counts!

Some people have reservations about using electric mowers as a couple decades ago, they used to be under-powered and this was a little bit of a nuisance.

However, the technology has more than caught on and many people enjoy the instant torque that electric models have on offer. Plus, the motor has fewer moving parts and is less prone to wear and tear compared to a gas mower.

Hence, electric mowers are rated highly in terms of longevity. Many gas mowers do not even offer electric start. You must pull on a cord to get them started. While this does work smoothly when the mower is new, things might not be the same after a few years, especially if the mower has been sitting idle during the off season.

Electric gas mowers do NOT require you to make frequent trips to the gas station.

They are just simple ‘use it and store it’ mowing solutions. Perfect if you don’t like to tinker around with changing engine oil and stuff.

Some states have stringent regulations about the use of gas-powered mowers in urban areas. Electric mowers are the only way in such a situation. Thankfully, the Greenworks G-Max 24252 is a damn good option!

Greenworks G-max 24252 Features

Electric Start: If you’ve ever tried to get a gas powered mower started on a cold morning, you know how frustrating it can be! It definitely feels quite spartan in this day and age. Electric start is the way to go. Press a button, the mower comes to life, mow, shut it and forget it! As easy as that, no topping up with gas, just charge it before use like you do with your cell phone.

40v Battery: The brushed pull mower comes with a 40v battery and 4 AH charger. The lithium-ion battery can last up to 60 minutes and can be charged quickly when required. The same battery fits more than 40 other tools manufactured by Greenworks. So it’s a versatile bit of kit. The power is more than adequate for residential properties. Many models offer only 35 to 40 minutes of mowing time. 60 minutes is almost double that and is plenty for yards up to half an acre in size. There’s a battery indicator light on board to let you know when it’s time to charge it up.

Durable Deck: The deck is highly durable and offers 17 inches of coverage. While most other residential mowers offer 19 to 20 inches of coverage, we are not really holding it against the Greenworks G-max 24252 as it more than makes up for this by weighing as less as 40.9 lbs. We have reviewed mowers that are 80 pounds plus. The lighter weight makes it easy to maneuver and transport the G-Max. The entire mowing experience is relaxed and doesn’t feel like a tiring chore. Moreover, the motor is quite silent and produces way fewer vibrations compared to a gas-powered mower.

Folding Handle: The handle can be folded to make the mower quite compact. So if you have to move it to some other place it can fit in the back of your car. It takes up less space in the tool-shed or garage. Nobody likes bulky mowers especially on residential properties where space is limited.

2-in-1: There are two options, mulching and bagging. Mulching helps to keep the soil nourished and insulated. There’s no side discharge option but do note that even some top of the line Honda gas powered mowers do not offer side-discharge. However, if you are used to side-discharge, then this is something that you must make a note of.

Height Adjustment: The single lever 5 position height adjustment guarantee your desired trim, every time. Height ranges from 1-1/4 to 3-3/8 inches.

Plastic Body: The mower makes use of high quality plastics to save weight and ensure durability. It’s light and easy to steer.

High Traction Wheels: The wheels offer ample grip even if there’s dew on the grass. They work well in almost all environments and can go up slight inclines without slipping. However, this mower is meant for residential use and hence, it’s not recommended for plots with steep inclines and rocky terrain. The front wheels have a diameter of 7 inches while the rear ones, 8 inches.

2000 cycles: The battery has a life of 2000 charging cycles. This means that even if you mow for 1 hour every single day, it will still last for a good 5 years! Not bad for a product that certainly falls within the affordable price range.

Review & Final Verdict:

The Greenworks G-max 24252 40v electric lawn mower is the real deal. It’s a very good option for residential properties and is trusted by thousands of happy customers all across the country.

It’s priced very sweetly too and there are no major compromises in terms of features and performance. We highly recommend it!

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