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80V Self Propelled LawnMower (GLM801601)


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The Greenworks 80v Mower (the GLM801601 21-Inch) is a battery-powered lawnmower and one of our favorites too!

It comes with 2 AH batteries and with both of them fully charged, it can be operated for up to 60 minutes. The performance is comparable to that of a 160 cc gas motor.

This is actually quite reasonable for a medium-sized yard, and should be more than enough time to get your yard looking pristine in no time at all!

In some ways, a battery-operated lawn mower is very convenient, especially for residential and small commercial properties. Just charge it while it’s stored in the shed and use it whenever required. There’s no need to fill it up with gas (no trips to the gas station).

Greenworks 80V Mower Review

It’s true that gas-powered engines are preferred by commercial customers. However, they usually have large plots of land and need extra power and operating time. A battery-operated mower works well for most property owners with up to 1 acre of land (claimed by Greenworks).

What we loved about the Greenworks 80v is that even though it’s powered by electricity, it is cordless.

There’s no need to keep it connected to a power source while mowing. This means that it’s usable almost anywhere! Many properties have obstacles such as benches, pools, etc – a lawnmower that’s not cordless is difficult to operate in such conditions.

The wire can get all tangled up and the driver will probably spend more time untangling it than mowing.

The brushless motor and the longish run time of the Greenworks 80v have made it a favorite among many homeowners. Let’s explore some of its features in further detail:

Greenworks 80v Mower Features:

Let’s get started, shall we?!

Brushless Motor:

Greenworks Digital Brushless Motor

Let me start by explaining the pros of a brushless motor compared to the more conventional brush motor.

Basically, brushless motors are more energy-efficient. In brush motors, there’s a graphite brush that creates movement. In electric motors, the movement is produced by a magnetic field.

Hence, an electric motor undergoes less wear and tear and can last for longer. The circuit board is the only weak link in an electric motor. Still, it usually lasts longer than the brush in motors.

So it’s basically a win for electric motors.

The only question is whether the electric motor can cut through tall grass? Does it have the capability of a gas motor? The answer is yes (at least in this particular case), the Greenworks 80v’s motor delivers performance that is similar to that of a 160 cc gas engine.

Commercial lawn mowers (Hondas) usually have 180 to 200 cc engines. Hence, a 160 cc motor is more than enough for most homeowners.

Having said all this, if you have a very large estate with several acres of land, you are better off investing your money in something that’s built for commercial purposes.

The Honda HRX217K5VKA is our favorite heavy-duty mower. Feel free to check it out; we have reviewed it on this website.

A brushless motor is quiet and also produces very limited vibrations. This is really great as it prevents hand and shoulder fatigue when mowing down larger patches.


Now, this is a really interesting feature that makes the Greenworks 80v more energy efficient. Higher efficiency equals to less frequent charging and more savings over the long run.

The ‘SmartCut’ feature automatically tweaks the power input based on the length of the grass. If the grass is soft and short, it consumes less energy.

If it’s thick and long, only then does the mower draw more power from the batteries. The variable supply of power ensures a smooth and neat trim, every time – irrespective of the length of the grass.

Stores Vertically:

Greenwork Mower Vertical Storage

Now, lawnmowers usually occupy lots of space. This is OK if you have a large barn or something similar. Most people don’t and this is where the ingenuity of the design team really shines through. They’ve made it possible for the Greenworks 80v to be stored vertically. This means that it takes up 70% less space!

Quick Charge:

The 2 AH battery can be quickly charged in just 30 minutes. Even if you’ve neglected the lawn and need to do some extra mowing, it’s good to know that after one full cycle, you can get the machine quickly going again after just half an hour!

Push To Start Button:

Some lawn mowers have those cords that you need to pull on to get them started. Even though it can be fun for a couple of times, it’s hard to deny that the technology seems archaic! The Greenworks 80v has a push to start button. No need to yank on a cord half a dozen times – just press a button and you’re ready to mow!

80V Battery:

The 80 V battery incorporates lithium-ion technology. It charges quickly and delivers a formidable amount of power. Most importantly, it comes with a battery life indicator on-board.

21 Inch Steel Deck:

Greenworks 80V Mower Deck Size

While the Greenworks 80V misses on the Nexite composite deck offered in some heavy-duty mowers (those come with a lifetime warranty), it has a robust 21-inch steel deck for enhanced maneuverability.

The front and rear wheels provide a good amount of traction in almost all types of conditions. The front wheels are 7 inches in diameter while the rear ones are 10 inches.

3-in-1 Versatility:

The mower is surprisingly versatile. There’s an option to mulch, bag, or side-discharge. Some people prefer to mulch as it fertilizes the soil and prevents it from drying out.

Some folks like to bag all the clippings for a clean look. The side discharge option is a huge plus and it’s not available on many premium mowers.

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  • Can be charged quickly
  • 60 minutes of runtime on a single charge is quite solid and sufficient for most residential needs
  • Durable 21-inch steel deck
  • The Greenworks 80v is recommended for mowing plots up to 1 acre in size
  • Quiet operation and fewer vibrations make mowing a pleasant experience
  • Cordless
  • SmartCut feature ensures efficient consumption of power. Uses only as much power as required
  • Nothing much to nit-pick here. It’s a push mower and even though it’s quite good, a gas-powered mower may be suitable if you have a large property.

Greenworks 80v LawnMower Review & Final Verdict:

The Greenworks 80v is a great option if you are in the market for an electric push mower. It’s easy to use, efficient and the price tag manages to hit the sweet spot.

We give it two thumbs up!

Daniel Simmons

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TheLawnMowingKing.com brings my 25 years experience as a professional gardener and landscaper to you!

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