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Greenworks 21-Inch 40V Electric Lawn Mower
  • Height Adjustable
  • Self-propelled. Rear-wheel drive provides ample traction even if the ground is not level.
  • Brushless motor delivers more torque and has a longer life.
  • Mulch, bag or side-discharge
  • Powerful lithium-ion battery. 40 minutes of runtime
  • Suitable for yards up to half an acre in size
  • Smooth and noise-free operation
  • Cordless
  • Vertical storage saves space by 70%


  • Nothing really. It does everything that it promises. If we have to nitpick, we’d say that it’s not suitable for commercial properties or very large lots.

Greenworks 21-Inch 40v Basic Info



21-Inch 40V Brushless Cordless Lawnmower


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The Greenworks 40V Mower is a 21 inch, self-propelled electric lawnmower. According to the manufacturer, it is ideal for plots up to half an acre in size. As long as you are a residential property owner, you’ll notice that the performance of this mower is, in many ways, comparable to that of a gas mower. In fact, the Greenworks actually has a couple of unique tricks up its sleeve to make life even easier.

There are two configurations that you can opt for:

  • 5 AH battery
  • 6 AH battery

In this review, we will talk about the 6AH battery version. Please note that the charger is also included in the box.

A few years back, electric mowers used to be just an inferior version of their gas-powered cousins.

However, they have evolved into very competent machines and today, they trump gas-powered mowers on many fronts. First of all, they are more environmentally friendly. The motor has a longer life since it undergoes less wear and tear.

They generate instantaneous torque and reach maximum power in just 3-4 seconds. You do not have to worry about topping them up with fuel and yes, no more trips to the station if you run out of gas while mowing your lawn!

In a bid to control air pollution levels, many urban areas are considering restrictions on the use of gas-powered mowers (they might get classified as farming equipment). This makes electric mowers even more relevant for residential property owners.

The Greenworks 40V is a cordless mower and hence, it does not need to be connected to a power source all the time.

You can mow the far end of the lawn without worrying about extension cords and stuff! We really like this mower for small to medium-sized plots. Let’s check out some its features in further detail.

Greenworks 40V Mower Features:

40 Minutes of Mowing Time:

The mower delivers 40 minutes of mowing time on a single charge. Depending upon the size of your yard, you could mow it more than once before having to charge it again.

If you opt for a second, auxiliary battery, you can use one while the other is being charged. This totally depends on your requirements.

Greenworks has a number of other cool and useful tools that run on the same battery, so it might be worth considering.

21 Inch Steel Deck:

The steel deck is hardy and reliable. We don’t think it will be easily damaged unless you plan to use it on uneven land covered with large rocks and such.

Since this is a purely residential mower, a steel deck is more than sufficient. Almost all mowers have steel decks.

Only some heavy-duty commercial-grade mowers have Nexite decks (those come with a lifetime warranty).

Push Button Start:

The Greenworks 40V starts in a couple of seconds thanks to a convenient push start button. No more yanking on cords for a dozen times to get the damn mower started (some older gas powered models have that kind of a starter mechanism).

This is such a hassle-free mower in so many ways. It does not produce any sort of loud unpleasant noises. Even if you’re a petrol-head, there’s no way you enjoy the sound and fumes of a gas powered mower on a pleasant Sunday morning!

Vertical Storage:

As we said, this is a very convenient machine. It can be stored vertically and hence it requires way less, up to 70% less, storage space.

Now, residential properties usually do not feature oversized barns – they have smallish sheds and hence, vertical storage is a real blessing as in the city, space comes at a very high premium!

SmartCut Technology:

The power is adjusted automatically depending upon the length of the grass. If the grass is long and thick, then the machine draws more power but if it’s short, then it uses only as much power as is required and conserves the rest.

This results in a clean cut without compromising on battery life.

Brushless Motor:

Conventional motors have a brush mechanism that puts the energy into motion. Electric motors have a magnetic field for the same purpose.

The brush undergoes a lot of wear and tear and is prone to damage. Electric motors have no such weakness. Yes, the circuit board is probably a weak link but it usually has better longevity compared to the brush.

Hence, brushless motors require less maintenance and can last for a really long time.

Also, they are less noisy compared to a gas-powered motor. Hence, you can mow the lawn without creating a ruckus and waking up the kids and the neighbors. Your shoulders and arms will love the fewer vibrations of a brushless motor. Go about your job without experience fatigue.

Lithium-Ion Battery:

The batteries deliver a formidable amount of power on a single charge. There’s a battery life indicator on board and most importantly, the battery comes with a very thoughtful USB port for charging devices such as a mobile phone etc.

The same battery can be used for over 50 tools from the Greenworks range.


The Greenworks 40 V gives you the option to mulch, bag or side-discharge. Some plot owners prefer to mulch once in a while to prevent the soil from drying and to ensure that it gets enough nutrients.

Side discharge is a very useful addition too. We’ve noticed that this option is unavailable even on some premium models. We have to laud Greenworks for the versatility of this mower.

Greenworks 40V Mower Review & Final Verdict:

The Greenworks 40 V is a very good lawnmower for small to medium plots. If you’re looking for longer runtime, we recommend that you consider the Greenworks 80V, which is suitable for plots up to 1 acre.

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